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Vrede-Thembalihle Dam

Project Date

Contract Type
EPC Turnkey

Vrede Local Municipality

Summary of Services

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Management
  • Quality Management
  • Project Management

Project Description
The Vrede-Thembalihle Dam is located near Vrede in the Northeast Free State on the Spruitsonderdrift River. Vrede-Thembalihle Dam was built as a municipal drinking water supply dam to the town of Vrede. Vrede-Thembalihle Dam was initially conceived as a roller-compacted concrete (RCC) gravity dam and the local municipality of Vrede called for tenders for the construction of the dam. Reonet offered an alternative design consisting of a non-overspill earth embankment and a spillway constructed of rubble rock masonry concrete. Reonet’s alternative tender offer was delivered as a fixed-price turnkey project, at half the price of the tenders received for the original RCC tender design. Vrede-Thembalihle Dam has a capacity of 2.44 million cubic meters, is 18 meters high and has a spillway crest length of 50 meters.

Project Benefits
The project delivered the following benefits:

  • Water security to the town of Vrede
  • Generating many jobs in the construction of the dam
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