Govett Triggol

Govett is a chartered accountant, and is responsible for feasibility studies and the acquisition and funding for Reonet projects. His particular experience in self-funded models and in-depth understanding of the legal constraints within the utility supply industry makes his input in developing utility projects invaluable.

It is this acumen that has driven the Reonet business forward, in investing in new technologies and developing innovative business models in pursuit of sustainable reporting.

In addition, Govett’s passion for making a difference in our world means that he ensures that every project and venture not only makes business sense, but add’s tremendous value to client, company and society.

His focus on win-win solutions and his ability to align the goals of all concerned in a project, as well as his infectious energy and enthusiasm, are without question.

Govett holds several qualifications: a B Compt (Bachelor of Accounting Science) degree, a Bachelor of Accounting Science Honours degree, and a Certificate in Theory of Accounting (CTA), all from UNISA. In addition, he is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.