ReoPort: Making the most out of utility metering data

Collecting utility metering data has little point, if one cannot analyse and transform the data into usable, understandable information. For that, there is ReoPort.

Raw data collected by Reonet’s proprietary automated metering system, RealSens™, contains a wealth of useful information, just waiting to be unlocked – by ReoPort.

So what is ReoPort?

Quite simply, ReoPort is a private, cloud-based reporting platform, securely controlled by Reonet. It analyses any utility metering data for billing, reporting, support and maintenance purposes. ReoPort employs standards for energy calculations and savings set by the South African Bureau of Standards, ensuring outputs of the highest quality and accuracy.

ReoPort was born out of Reonet’s own specific requirements: we started out in the field of water efficiency, and we needed to be able to accurately measure how much water (and money) we were saving for our clients. So we know how valuable it is to make the most out of utility data, and we’ve perfected ReoPort to achieve just that for you.

ReoPort offers the following features:

  • Billing: ReoPort gathers data from utility meters at specific, configurable intervals, processes it and generates detailed, timely invoices. This is particularly useful for landlords with multiple tenants
  • Reporting: Through setting specific measurement parameters, ReoPort is able to provide highly detailed utility consumption and cost information to landlords, tenants and larger firms, giving them complete billing transparency and the opportunity to unlock efficiencies
  • Support and maintenance: ReoPort quickly detects and reports problems such as leaks, burst geysers or utility theft for swift action.. And because it is a two-way communications platform, it can be used to manage meters and other devices remotely – adding yet another layer of efficiency

ReoPort’s advantages

  • Accurate utility consumption measure – if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it
  • It is completely transparent – landlords, tenants, municipalities and property managers all have access to up-to-date, accurate billing information
  • It is fully customisable, allowing for a wide range of information results and display formats
  • It eliminates estimated bills and inaccurate meter readings, resulting in lower costs, fewer complaints and queries
  • It helps to prevent crime, by detecting unauthorised utility usage and illegal connections
  • It can generate exception reports that indicate unauthorised utility usage
  • It gives customers control over the utilities they use and the types of information they require. Landlords, for example, can work out metrics such as cost or consumption per square metre of floor space
  • Wastage is minimised through swift problem
  • It allows customers to properly budget for their utility expenses
  • It can check the accuracy of municipal meter readings, using a check meter, and work out variances
  • It can generate information for carbon emissions reporting
  • Baseline standards can be set for proper savings measurement
  • It has built-in query functionality for user convenience

The future of utilities management is undoubtedly smart metering. What’s even smarter is using the information derived from metering to drive efficiencies, resource optimisation and cost savings. That’s where ReoPort makes the world of difference.