Water and Energy Efficiency

Reonet provides self funded turnkey solutions for optimal and effective supply and efficient use of water and electricity to the end-consumer.

We affect cost savings for our Clients, through improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our Clients' Water & Energy infrastructure and through ensuring responsible and smart usage.

We deliver these efficiencies through business models that align our interests with those of our Clients and through best business practices, state of the art technologies, project-specific innovation and a high level of commitment to deliver value.

Water Efficiency Services

Whereas electricity and gas are of high commercial importance, water is the very essence of life. Conserving water is not just an emotional issue, but is crucial for sustaining modern communities and the global economy, for protecting the environment and ensuring the sustained profitability of companies. There is a strong nexus between saving water and saving energy.

We work as a team with our clients to effect water efficiency in the following sectors:

  1. Public Facilities
  2. Municipalities (water service providers)
  3. Commercial Buildings
  4. Residential Estates

For each of these sectors, we provide a project-specific, technologically-driven, customised, holistic solution to effect water efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Services

Our standard approach to implementing energy efficiency is as follows:

  1. We conduct an audit on the energy use and energy systems of existing facilities, which we do free of charge if the client engages us to implement an energy efficiency program
  2. We design an energy-efficient retrofit
  3. We calculate the cost-benefit in energy savings to be achieved
  4. We install our proprietary automated remote metering system, RealSens, with which we continuously monitor energy use
  5. We calculate energy use, energy savings and CO2 emission reductions, on an ongoing basis
  6. We provide customised reports, at client-specified intervals, automatically
  7. We allow clients to monitor energy use at their facilities, on the web, with daily updates of ½-hourly meter readings