Technologies for Utilities

By efficiently and accurately monitoring and analysing the usage of water, electricity and gas resources, various public- or private-sector entities – for example, municipalities or property management companies – can:

  • Reduce consumption
  • Reduce wastage
  • Swiftly detect problems such as leaks, faults, theft and tampering
  • Limit damage to infrastructure
  • Reduce costs
  • Create transparent, accurate and timely billing
  • Improve cost recovery
  • Extend the life of their utility networks
  • Promote water and energy conservation
  • Generate customer goodwill

At Reonet, we take a holistic view of utilities management and related technology. While our RealSens™ and ReoPort technologies are unique – and world-class – our threefold approach to utilities management goes far beyond simply providing these systems. We offer:

  • Technical expertise: this encompasses our technological leadership in utility metering
  • Financial expertise: we are able to assist our clients with the financial aspects of utilities management
  • Legal expertise: we advise clients on the legal requirements of utilities management

These competencies overlap to create the “sweet spot” where our clients achieve maximum energy efficiency.

AMI / AMR Services

Reonet developed its proprietary automated remote metering (AMR) system RealSens™ through which it provides smart utility metering, revenue management, leak detection, water loss audits, loss reduction, credit control, utility management, regulatory reporting, customer services and sub-metering services to building managers.

RealSens™ technology is based on an ultra low-power, fully two-way, fixed radio frequency (RF) mesh network that operates in the worldwide license-free ISM (industrial, scientific & medical) bandwidths (433, 868 & 915 MHz). The RealSens™ radio transceiver devices are powered by long-life (>10 years) batteries, thereby ensuring complete independence from external power supply and communication systems.

The entire system is configured, synchronised, commissioned and operated from a remote computer web interface. RealSens™ can therefore deliver almost realtime information at the push of a button, anywhere in the world.

MDM Services

Reonet provides a comprehensive meter data management (MDM) service through its RealSens™ AMR system. This includes system operation and maintenance, automated secure data download (daily), secure data hosting, web hosting, detection of exception conditions and alerts & alarms (tamper, leakage, pipe burst, power outage, zero consumption, etc.).

Our MDM services also include data extraction and delivery to clients in EXCELL, .CSV and ASCII files and / or direct database queries for automated database – database export / import.