Utility Management

Efficiency, savings, sustainability – thinking differently about managing utility services

Steeply rising electricity and water tariffs mean utility charges make up an ever larger portion of total operating costs for public- and private-sector utility service providers.

Utility purchasers, suppliers, resellers and users therefore need to proactively manage utility costs and usage, to mitigate business risks. Now more than ever, property owners and their agents must pay close attention to both the management of utility costs and the recovery of tenant utility usage.

This is how Reonet manages utility services:

  • Metering: The meter is one of the most important aspects of managing utilities. Our proprietary RealSens™ metering system transforms existing utility infrastructure into a smart automated meter reading and management system. Utility service providers can accurately and reliably measure water or energy usage, in a timely and affordable way
  • Multi-user web interface: By automating meter reading using RealSens™, we are able to transform collected data into useful and powerful information – utility usage, relevant tariff scales, billing, consumption trends, analytical and management tools and reports – displayed on web interfaces that consumers can also access. This fosters a trust relationship between the landlord, third-party managing agents and tenants, and empowers tenants to proactively manage their own utility usage
  • Utility cost management: We have the essential financial, legal and technical expertise for correctly determining municipal charges. Our initial audit of your municipal costs will highlight a variety of opportunities to reduce them effectively. We will implement approved recommendations and continue to monitor your costs to best manage your changing utility usage profile
  • Ongoing utility recovery: We help landlords optimise tariff structures and utility supply parameters, and achieve a fine balance between full utility cost recovery, tenant retention and minimal vacancy ratios. Following a meter audit and RealSens™ installation, we establish utility recovery protocols based on the metering infrastructure, lease agreements, and local supply authority tariffs and by-laws. All data and conditions relating to recoveries are captured in our open MySQL database, and the entire billing process is automated
  • Utility reconciliation: Good metering ensures tenants receive accurate monthly utility invoices, correlated closely to municipal billing. Because RealSens™ meters at half-hourly intervals and submits data to a central computer daily, municipal meter consumption can be verified to a high degree of accuracy, particularly if a RealSens™-linked check meter is installed and synchronised with the municipal meter
  • Proactive utility management:  Our RealSens™ technology empowers property managers and owners to automatically detect and be alerted to leaks, tampering and anomalous consumption. So if something out of the ordinary happens, you’ll quickly know about it – and be able to mitigate the risk. An added bonus is that ongoing analysis and reporting will highlight key business issues for attention, such as better management of common utility usage and optimisation of lease terms
  • Analysis and reporting: We ensure efficiency through ongoing management and controls, including trends analysis and reporting, anomalous consumption and reporting, consumption gap analysis, efficiency benchmarking, and effortless carbon emission and sustainability reporting