About Reonet

Who We Are

Reonet is a utility services company that offers a wide range of utility services through its specialised technologies and skilled staff to producers, distributors and consumers of utilities (electricity, water and gas).

What We Do

Reonet provides the following managed utility services:

  1. Utility infrastructure and meter audits
  2. Supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of automated remote metering systems
  3. Provision of meter data management services through our acclaimed RealSens™ AMR system and MDM system
  4. Provision of automated billing and smart prepaid services including online reporting of utility usage, trend analysis, exception reporting and tamper alarms
  5. Tariff analysis, tariff negotiations, resolving of utility disputes, recovery of overcharges, etc.
  6. Implementation of water and energy efficiency projects and programmes, including the setting of baselines, benchmarking, design, technology selection, ROI analysis, project management, construction implementation, operation and maintenace, etc.

Corporate Structure

The Reonet Group of companies consist of five independent but interdependent companies, i.e.:

  1. Reonet (Pty) Ltd, reg.# 1996/003134/07, trading as Reonet Utilities
  2. Reonet Technologies (Pty) Ltd, reg.# 2006/032310/07
  3. Reonet Commercial (Pty) Ltd - Reg # 2015/030281/07
  4. Reonet Municipal Services (Pty) Ltd - Reg # 2015/021886/07
  5. Reonet Projects (Pty) Ltd, reg.# 1997/000334/07

Ownership Structure

The Reonet group of companies is privately owned by its management.

Industry Associations and Compliance Certifications

Reonet and /or Reonet key staff belong to the following industry associations and / or accreditations:

  1. International Water Association (IWA)
  2. The Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA)
  3. Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)
  4. Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
  5. South African Institution of Civil Engineers (SAICE)
  6. South African Institution of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE)
  7. South African Institution of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)
  8. The Project Management Institute (PMI)
  9. Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)
  10. Registered Eskom Energy Services Company (ESCO)
  11. ISO accreditation pending

Corporate Advisory

Reonet is a BBBEE Generic Company that operates in the utilities ICT sector. We are an equal opportunity employer with a Level 1 BBBEE contribution (Hilversonne Verifications Agency) and comply with and exceed the legislative requirements for health, safety and environmental care. Reonet’s directors and senior management are experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the utility supply environment in South Africa. Their leadership enables Reonet to deliver unique end-to-end solutions through technology-driven business models that are aligned with our clients’ interests. We work hard to ensure compliance with King III, ensuring that issues relating to internal audit, corporate governance, risk and sustainability remain key focus areas of the board.

Our Footprint

As a matrix structured organisation, our multi-disciplinary teams are co-located in 2 regional hubs, Johannesburg and Cape Town. From these regional hubs, we are able to perform projects in all major city centres and across the country, by establishing local project teams. Our comprehensive list of sub-contractors and alliance partners ensures the length and breadth of our reach across most regions in South Africa.

We currenty service project sites as far afield as Beaufort West, King Williams Town, Newcastle, Umhlanga, Nelspruit, Barberton, etc. and overseas in the Essex region of the UK.


With our comprehensive understanding of the utility supply industry, Reonet Projects has the capacity and skills to deliver specialised turnaround projects in the Municipal environment on a self-funded turnkey basis.

Our projects specifically focus on the following 4 key deliverables;

  1. Revenue Management
  2. Revenue Improvement
  3. Waste Reduction
  4. Operational Efficiency

Our multi-disciplinary approach incorporates technical utility expertise, detailed field work, the use of leading technologies, good corporate governance principles, financial acumen, utility automation, empowerment of staff and upliftment of communities.